Brownies 2

Deluxe fudgy brownies

Everyone loves a good brownie. The trick is to find the recipe for making YOUR ultimate brownie, as there are so many different ways you can go. Some people prefer cakier brownies, others more chewy or fudgy brownies.     So where does this one fall? Oddly enough, it’s both fudgy and cakey. How is that possible? […]

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Super moist chocolate Guinness cupcakes

What? A chocolate Guinness cupcakes?? That was my first reaction when a friend suggested we try these out. I don’t really like Guinness but the combination between chocolate and Guinness sounded intriguing and very different to the usual red velvet cupcakes I make. The result was really moist and chocolatey cupcakes. The Guinness perfectly complements the […]

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Chocolate banana tart

If you like chocolate desserts, this recipe is for you! For my version of the chocolate banana tart, I replaced the traditional sweet shortcrust pastry with a chocolate crust – more chocolate can’t hurt! Actually using chocolate in the crust is perfect here as it complements the chocolate ganache. I add bananas to this recipe […]

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