Cinnamon and plum cupcakes

My partner came up with this recipe to satisfy my craving for plums and cinnamon! The cupcake and cream cheese […]

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Hazelnut financiers

Financiers are light and spongey cakes traditionally made from ground almonds (or almond flour), brown butter, flour, sugar and egg […]

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Easy apricot bars

These apricot bars are surprisingly tasty. I say surprisingly tasty, because while they aren’t maybe the prettiest dessert, once tasted, […]

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Creme glacee aux 2 ingredients

2 ingredient ice cream (without ice cream maker)

This recipe must be one of the simplest I’ve ever made but also one of the most popular! All it […]

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almond tuiles

Almond tuiles (Tuiles aux amandes)

Almond tuiles are thin crispy cookies known for their distinctive curved shape, which is obtained by placing the tuiles on […]

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Strawberry, basil and lime panna cotta

I recently (re) discovered panna cotta and remembered how delicious it can be. It is a great summer dessert as […]

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  • A treat for tea time

    Hazelnut financiers

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Easy British scones and homemade clotted cream

Warm scones served with a rich clotted cream, jam and tea: it doesn’t get more British than this! This combination […]

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Lemon Meringue Pie

This lemon meringue pie is my partner’s favorite. The lemon curd is tarter than most, which is perfectly balanced by the sweetness […]

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Tart Tatin by Christophe Michalak

Tart tatin is one of my all-time favourite desserts. It’s one of these desserts that everyone seems to love: melt-in-your mouth […]

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