Banana and speculoos pie

I recently tried my first banana cream pie during a recent trip to the US. It was so delicious that I’ve been searching for the perfect banana cream pie recipe ever since. To be continued… This banana and speculoos pie from the blog  “il était une fois la pâtisserie” is a French/Belgian equivalent. It adds a […]

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Cinnamon speculoos

I recently bought one of my favourite French pastry chef’s new book (“Gâteaux“) and immediately spotted the recipe for these cinnamon speculoos cookies.  These Belgian cookies are traditionally made in time for St. Nicolas’ Day (on the 6th of December), but are now available to buy all year round.   I often use speculoos for […]

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Rustic style plum tart

Plums and cinnamon – a classic combination! I’ve always had a soft spot for plum tarts, in fact I always use my birthday as an excuse to make one for myself as it conveniently falls in September. Not a very traditional birthday cake but so delicious! You will need to prepare the shortcrust pastry in […]

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Verrines coings mascarpone

Quince and gingerbread verrine

Quinces are not that common in Switzerland, so when I saw them in my local grocery store, I jumped at the opportunity to buy a few. Quinces are similar to apples and pears, but can’t be eaten raw (except for a mythical variety mentioned by Pliny the Elder). A Roman cookbook even gives directions for poaching quince in […]

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Candied oranges

Here is my first attempt at candied oranges… or rather, my second. I burnt my oranges on my first try. Make sure you cook yours on a very low heat or you’ll end up like me with a caramel and burnt oranges! Candied oranges are quite common around the holidays. Because of their expense, I’d always […]

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